October 21, 2019

Turquoise Trout Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

trout-01By Jo Mixon

Jeremy Jines
Owner Operator/ Turquoise Trout
Guided Fishing Services

Last week I had the privilege of being treated to a guided fishing trip on Eagle Nest Lake with Jeremy Jines of Turquoise Trout. Our Chamber President, Michael Turri, came along with the camera (and to catch a fish!) We could tell from the get go, Jeremy was a Pro. The dock is not yet in the water at the lake, so he helped us into the boat before he backed it into the water. He did this with ease, tied it off and took his trailer up to the parking area.

Once Jeremy was in the boat, we got comfortable and headed out to open water. His boat is a deep V 2013 model, designed specifically for fishing big open water. He ordered it last year when he decided to become a full time fishing guide. Jeremy is originally from Perryton, Texas. He spent every summer, while he was growing up, in Ute Park with his Grandpa. He learned to fish on Eagle Nest Lake. He told me he has held various jobs but has been a fishing guide in some capacity or other the majority of his adult life. It just seemed natural to move here permanently and start this business.

Jeremy sat at the back of the boat guiding the motor. I was amazed how much bigger the lake seems when you are out in the middle. It was a brisk April morning with the wind causing whitecaps to curl up around us, but in this deep-sided boat I felt very safe and stable. As we made our way across the lake, towards the dam, the views were intensely incredible! Jeremy said that wildlife regularly roams the hills and banks on the far side of the lake and many of his guests last season were thrilled to get to see them.

I started asking him a lot of questions about his fishing tours. He can accommodate up to four guests per trip. They must provide their own fishing license, but Jeremy provides everything else. He told me there are Cockney Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch and Northern Pike in Eagle Nest Lake. Fishing season is from early May thru October. The best time frame to catch your limit on the lake is usually Mid-May thru June. He said, “Fish can be caught anytime thru the summer, but some times are slower than others. Over the years I have become aware of the changes and have the knowledge to make a guests fishing trip a success.” And if it happens that it’s not a successful trip, Jeremy will go the extra mile and make arrangements to take you back out. He is all about customer service. He prepares his trips to meet the specific needs of his guests. His friendly easy going nature will put you at ease and no matter what, you’re going to have fun!

Turquoise Trout guided fishing trips typically start at 7:00 am, and run until around noon. If you’re not really into fishing, book a photography trip. He can get you to the areas in his boat that are not easily accessible by land.

Over the last few years, the water level of the lake has dropped significantly, but the fishing is still great!

For information on trips, available dates, and rates please call Jeremy @ 575-224-0511 or send him an email at jeremy@turquoisetrout.com.

Trips for 2014 are booking fast, call to get the dates you need soon!


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