July 16, 2019

Jo Knows It’s National Garden Club Week, Do You?

the-twinsBy Jo Mixon

(The Twins: Photo courtesy of Michael Turri)

When: June 1-7, 2014

Where: Angel Fire Garden Club

“Helping Gardeners Grow More Enchantment”

Angel Fire Garden Club invites you to Celebrate National Garden Week with them. Get out in the dirt! Plant, nurture, and help make our little piece of heaven in Angel Fire, just a little bit more beautiful!

National Garden Week Proclamation

Whereas, Gardeners have a passion for nurturing the beauty and resources of the earth through planting of seeds, the care of all plants and the riches of their efforts; and

Whereas, Gardeners seek to add beauty, splendor, fragrance, and nutrition to our lives through the growing of herbs, vegetables, foliage and flowers; and

Whereas, Gardeners work to preserve our country’s traditional spirit of independence and initiative through innovation and hard work; and

Whereas, Gardeners advocate the importance of all creatures, large and small, that share our world and their roles in a balanced and productive ecology; and

Whereas, Gardening furnishes a challenging and productive activity for our citizens, for those just learning as well as those having years of experience; and

Whereas, Gardening promotes a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime, helps reduce stress from other areas of our life, teaches that rewards can come from diligent efforts; and

Whereas, Gardening enables members of Garden Club across the nation and the world to make a difference in the communities where they reside and work;

Now, Therefore be It Resolved that in an effort to acknowledge the importance of Gardening and the numerous contributions of Gardeners, National Garden Clubs, Inc. designates the week of June 1-7, 2014 as National Garden Week.

Linda G. Nelson, 2013-2015 President, NGC, Inc.

Not only do the members of the Angel Fire Garden Club beautify their own homes, yards and decks, they also gather together and maintain Angel Fire signature gardens; The Butterfly Garden at Shuter Library, the Median on North Angel Fire Road, and the Blue Star Garden on location at the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park. You are invited to join their club! It meets on the second Monday of every month at various locations and private homes. Visit: www.angelfiregardenclub.com for more information.

In keeping with the beautify Angel Fire concept the Village of Angel Fire’s Angel Fire Proud Committee, has announced their 1st Annual Flower Display Competiton, “Angel Fire Blooms”, to be held Aug. 8 -10, 2014. Entry forms, rules and 20% off coupons from Enchanted Landscaping & Nursery, Pacheco’s Landscaping & Nursery and SS Rocks Y Mas are available at Angel Fire Village Hall, 3388 Mountain View Blvd. and on the Angel Fire Proud page located at www.angelfirenm.gov under the Featured Pages link. The “Angel Fire Blooms” contest is open to residents, businesses & civic groups throughout the Moreno Valley. Ribbons will be awarded for beauty, creativity, originality & use of native/drought tolerant plants. Flower displays must be live plants, fresh cut or a combination in ANY container — basket, pot, rusty bucket, washbasin or…even old ski boots. Be creative! Deadline for entries is Monday, Aug. 4. So, start thinking about your entry NOW!







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