October 23, 2019

Mountain Sports Of Angel Fire Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

mountain-sports-01By Jo Mixon

Owners Brent & Tammy Dunn

Living a healthy family oriented- lifestyle is the message I got from my visit with Brent and Tammy Dunn. And, it is also the message they wish to portray in their business. Brent said, “Tammy and I want everyone in Angel Fire to know that although we are the new guys on the block, we are truly invested in seeing this town grow and thrive. The reason we moved here was the unbelievable beauty, not only outdoors, but in the people that fill this valley. We look forward to growing and becoming a part of this wonderful community.” And they have definitely begun that journey!

The Dunn’s purchased Mountain Sports last year. It is a full retail store offering Camping Gear, Clothing, Footwear, Fishing Gear, Tennis Gear, Golf Gear, Sporting Goods, Skis, Snowboards, and Winter Outerwear. Plus it is a full rental shop with: Rental Skis, Rental Snowboards, and Rental Bikes. Their focus is on giving excellent customer service to all of our customers. They listen to their customers and try to carry what promotes the customers activities. For example, the pickleball group asked for pickleball equipment, so Mountain Sports now stock it.

This year they started the RoadRunner Couch to 5K Walk/Run program designed to help beginners and those who haven’t run in a while prepare to “Conquer the Mountain!” I asked if they had always been runners. Brent answered, “No, we started running about 3 years ago. It started as more of a macho guy challenge to work out at the gym for me and eventually became something that we do as a family nearly every day of the week.” Tammy added, “The idea of the RoadRunner group was born out of our desire to find a way to help Mountain Sports promote healthy living and be something that related to our business. Although we did most of our training in Texas as a family, we learned through others the power of having a group that helps support and encourage each other and wanted to bring that to the Angel Fire running community.” This group started May 15, 2014 and they continue to meet every Thursday morning at 7:30 am. The running club is open to all ages and abilities, free of cost. Their focus is on strengthening their bodies, while they strengthen their sense of community. They are having a charity fundraiser 5k race this Thursday morning, July 24. It will end with the first ever Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce Business Before Hours from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and continue on throughout the morning with lots of fun activities. Don’t miss out on breakfast and lots of door prizes. Registration fees for the race are $25.00 for adults and $15.00 for children 18 and under. All proceeds will go to benefit the ALMS Food Pantry. (The race goody bags are worth twice as much as the registration fee!) The race is open to the public. You can sign up now at Mountain Sports and we will see you there.

The Dunn’s have owned vacation properties in Angel Fire for many years prior to their permanent move in May 2013. Tammy is a native Texan. Brent grew up in mostly in New Mexico. They are however, high school sweethearts. Brent’s family made the best move of his life when they moved him to Texas in high school. It was there he met Tammy. They married after college. Brent went into the field of Computer Sciences. He worked seven years for Cessna. Then went on to own, co-own and start up various online companies from GroceryWorks.com to a Digital Witness Security business. Tammy majored in Music Education, become an educator then principal in the Kansas School system. She went back to earn her Masters in Education. Being from that genre, she was adamant that the school system they moved their children into must be top notch. She says the quality and relationship of the teachers to the kids they have found in the Moreno Valley is excellent! Tammy said to me, “I am a lucky girl. I am lucky to have Brent, our children Sarah and Colin, and I am lucky to wake up to this incredible, marvelous beauty every day!” Well I say, we are lucky to have them in Angel Fire!

Visit them at 3375 Mountain View Blvd. and www.mountainsportsofangelfire.com.







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