March 22, 2019

Moreno Valley Carpet Cleaning Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

mv-carpet-01By Jo Mixon

Larry Layden & Jo Mixon

We were extremely excited last week to see Larry Layden and Scott Morrison of Moreno Valley Carpet Cleaning walk in the door at the Chamber. This meant we would soon be the recipients of fresh smelling, strikingly clean carpets. And we were not disappointed!

They brought in a relatively small machine to tackle this big job. Moreno Valley Carpet Cleaning uses a state-of-the-art RotoVac machine. It has two electric rotors that clean inward in circular motion towards each other. Unlike most other carpet cleaning machines that run in a forward motion to put water and cleanser down, then must be pulled backward to suck the water back out.
The RotoVac machine’s action releases water and cleanser as it scrubs, then quickly removes it from your carpet all at the same time. It completes 400 passes per minute as opposed to a conventional machine’s 40 passes per minute. We were able to continue our work as Larry cleaned around us. The carpets were sparkly clean in less than two hours and we didn’t have to wait to walk on them. They were dry almost as soon as he finished. And good riddance to all the dirt he pulled out of our carpet!

Larry guarantees you’ll get the best job within 100 miles of Angel Fire and his prices are very reasonable. He said, “If you call me to clean your carpets, I am generally there the next day. I am a consumer too, so I try to exceed your expectations.”

In 1999, after a career in Air Traffic Control, Larry and Jo Ann Layden decided to move full time to Black Lake, next to her family ranch. Larry says he’s not so good at retirement. To stay busy he worked various jobs over the next few years. In 2009, while working for Four Seasons Property Management, Kathy told him a carpet cleaning service was needed here in the Valley. Being service oriented, Larry did some research and soon started Moreno Valley Carpet Cleaning. He now has clients from Angel Fire to Red River, both residential and commercial. He cleans carpets and upholstery, no job too big or too small.

Larry and Jo Ann also stay busy with their eight children, thirteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren. He has served actively on the Holy Angels Catholic Church Building Committee and is happy to see the building almost completed.

When your carpets or upholstery are in need of some Tender Loving Care, call Moreno Valley Carpet Cleaning at 575-377-2743.






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