August 25, 2019

AT&T Phone & Data Issues

michael-turriA letter from the President of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce concerning the current AT&T phone and data issues.

Dear AT&T,

My name is Michael Turri and as president of the Angel Fire, NM Chamber of Commerce, I am reaching out to whoever might be able to effect a change in Angel Fire. Speaking for the AT&T customers, both residents and businesses here AND for the thousands of AT&T tourists we see here every year, we would like to petition AT&T to establish a true AT&T network in Angel Fire. As it stands now, this area is OFF NETWORK for data usage, which means we are all capped in the amount of data we can use. We see this as a serious economic handicap for our area. Angel Fire is a popular summer and winter resort town. Tourists come to Angel Fire expecting unrestricted access to their accounts, only to find their data shut down because they too are now in an OFF NETWORK area. This puts Angel Fire at an economic disadvantage as just around the mountain from us are other resort towns where there is AT&T coverage. That point could well mean that potential tourist dollars go there as opposed to staying here. Angel Fire small businesses find themselves at a disadvantage when in a mobile environment as they too have limited access to their data plans when not able to be on a WIFI network. I / we would love to hear from someone to see if a dialogue could be started to see how this request for service could be turned into actual AT&T service. Thank you for your time and attention to this and we look forward to hearing from someone SOON.
Michael Turri

PS: for those reading this article who would like to see this change happen, please contact AT&T customer support to voice your concern.

Their corporate phone number is 210-821-4105.

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