September 20, 2019

Laguna Vista Lodge On The Travel Channel

Contact Decrepit, Old Bert Clemens
575-377-6110 or 575-770-0265
51 East Therma Drive
Eagle Nest, New Mexico 87718

The Laguna Vista Lodge, Historic Restaurant & Saloon will be featured episode on the Travel Channel Tuesday, March 3, 2014, at 7:00 AM MST.

Resort Rescue descended upon us last August with Shane Green and a crew of 31. After one week of fourteen-hour days, they had a one-hour episode wrap. We have no idea what hit the cutting floor nor do we know how reality television will betray either the Village or us.

“Resort Rescue” follows world-famous hospitality consultant Shane Green as he helps hotel and resort owners figure out what’s going wrong inside their establishments. Green watches every move through hidden surveillance footage taken across the premises. Afterwards, Green reveals his findings to the owners and shows them how to fix these lingering issues. “Resort Rescue” is produced by Relativity TV for the Travel Channel.

Below is a description of our episode from the Travel Channel website.

Brothel, Bed & Breakfast

Shane travels to Eagle Nest, NM to help elderly owners, Bert and Karel Clemens, who have worked non-stop at the historic Laguna Vista Lodge for 35 years. The small tourist village is tucked 8,300 feet up in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, where visitors can still experience life in the Old West, including this century-old hotel. Although Eagle Nest used to be a gold rush boomtown, Bert and Karel have never seen any riches from their resort. After meeting Bert and hearing his story, Shane takes over the hotel and has his crew install hidden cameras throughout the hotel. From the surveillance room, Shane and Bert observe the lodge’s restaurant. It has been leased out to a woman named Jane because it became too much for Bert and Karel to manage. Shane notices right away that Jane has spread herself too thin, leading to her underserving the restaurant guests and The Laguna Vista Lodge’s reputation is damaged. However, Shane sees a business opportunity to repurpose an old brothel room into an experience for couples dining in the restaurant. Next, Shane observes a guest’s first impression at the lodge’s front desk and the hotel room. Although both experiences pass Shane’s standards, he notices that the pricing for the rooms is out of the normal range for the area. The Laguna Vista Lodge also has an old saloon complete with batwing doors. The ambiance looks like a total winner until Shane notices that the bartender, Greg, has a rough edge when it comes to customer service. A regular patron, Adrian, steps in as an unofficial bar manager and softens Greg’s abrasive behavior. When Shane confronts the staff, can he show them the error of their ways in order to improve the guest experience? Or are Bert and Karel doomed to work tirelessly at a hotel for another 35 years?


  1. Judy Russell says

    This show is really good. I like that host Shane. He seems to really believe in helping people. His ideas are good. I am excited to see a local hotel featured. Good luck, Laguna Vista!

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