April 20, 2019

We Need Volunteers For Balloons Over Angel Fire!

Want to get up close with hot air balloons? This year, we have three days of Balloon Ascensions, balloon tethers and a Balloon Glow set for June 19-21, 2015. We are looking for individuals, families, friends and groups that want to volunteer to crew for these balloons. We are also looking for people to help with parking cars at the launch site and other jobs throughout the event.

When: June 19-21, 2015

If you have experience – that’s great! If not, come on out and enjoy the summer mornings and evenings with us and get up close and personal with a hot air balloon! There may be a ride high up in the Moreno Valley for you.

Drop an email to Jimmy Linton at jimmy@angelfirefun.com or call 575-377-6555 and let us know you want to help out. We will have you signed up and partnered with one of our experienced balloon pilots and provide a great time throughout the weekend!


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