July 17, 2019

New Mexico True Tourism Tour

nm-tourAngel Fire Chamber of Commerce President of the Board, Wende Woolley and Governor Susana Martinez

Last week Governor Susana Martinez came to Angel Fire with New Mexico Tourism Cabinet Secretary, Rebecca Latham, on the New Mexico True Tourism Tour. Her purpose for this tour is to announce, with great joy, that tourism visits to the State of New Mexico have reached record numbers…. for the third year in a row! She is visiting areas in the state to let us know the New Mexico True Campaign is a reality. Over 1/2 million more people visited New Mexico in 2013 than ever before. And in 2014, thirty-two.seven million visitors chose to vacation in New Mexico! These visitors have a tremendously positive economic impact on our state. Job growth within the tourism and hospitality areas have seen an 8.4% increase. That is equal to 2,200 new jobs since 2010.

My grandson comes to visit me every summer (Camp Memaw) in Angel Fire. He and I have conducted our own, very unscientific, tourism survey for the past six years. It starts when I pick him up at the airport in Albuquerque. We play a game by counting all of the out of state license plates we see for the entire time he is visiting. The first few years we would count 10, maybe 15 out of state license plates. But since the New Mexico True Campaign was rolled out three years ago, things began to change! The numbers began to double during his visits. This year when I put him back on the airplane to leave New Mexico, we had documented 49 out of state license plates and three other countries!

We are proud to be a part of the New Mexico True Campaign and to join together with the rest of our state in one voice, inviting the world to visit. We are one indeed one of a kind! Angel Fire is a big part of what our state has to offer visitors! Adventure steeped in culture, right here in our scenic mountain home. We welcome everyone to come on up the mountain and see for yourselves, the beauty that is Angel Fire.

Video Courtesy of Janet Sailor

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