April 22, 2019

Christmas Dinner 2015

santa-clausOur Christmas Dinner was so much fun! The theme “Santa’s Surprise” was a fun hearted participatory, Who Dun It, mystery called “Murder by Decoration”. Chamber Board members were called to the back room, dressed as various Christmas-themed character suspects, and given a brief script idea in about 10 minutes time. None of them knew about the skit prior to that moment! They did an incredible job and most of their dialogue was ad-libbed.

They walked out in character and worked the room explaining why they were not guilty of this heinous crime against Santa, the once jolly old elf, all the while pointing blame at one another. The audience’s job was to figure out the guilty party. Almost 100 people were in attendance… only three successfully got it right. These were Linda Trujillo, Bill Humbert, and Mike Gilcrease. Good job detectives! The laughter was infectious!

The full cast as they learned of their mission.

  • Michael Dean: Santa
  • Rogers Lanon: Angelicia Angel (wannabe reindeer)
  • Jennifer Fitch: Buttons the Elf on the Shelf
  • Michael Turri: Mrs. Clause
  • Jo Mixon: Playwrite/Director
  • Brenda Johnson: Delilah the Diva Decorator
  • John Hail: Icy the Snowman
  • Wende Woolley: Rudolph
  • Donna Klassen: Sugar Plum Christmas Fairy

Photos courtesy of Ellen Goins/Sangre de Cristo Chronicle.

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