September 15, 2019

Cafe Expresso Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

cafe-expresso-01By Jo Mixon

What’s better than smiling faces, good service, and a delicious homemade brunch buffet with choices, choices, choices? Not much! Café Expresso has added Sunday Brunch and they invite you to come partake. Every Sunday in April and May from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, owner Dominic Serna and his staff will be there to greet you and he guarantees you won’t go away hungry!

When he bought Café Expresso in 2014, Dominic wanted to provide much more than a coffee shop. He wanted to turn it into a gourmet coffee shop/restaurant with a local touch. A cool place where the community and visitors alike, could connect with other people, enjoy a delicious full menu of breakfast and lunch items, specialty coffees and drinks, and hook-up to free Wi-Fi. Casually nestled into the corner of Mountain View Mall at 3375 Mountain View Blvd., Café Expresso also offers great views of the mountains and, weather permitting, outdoor patio seating. They also support the Arts. Every piece hanging inside of Café Expresso is for sale by local artists.

During our interview, as I enjoyed my wonderful meal, I asked Dominic why he is open seven days a week, 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, even in the slow seasons. He told me good product consistency builds loyalty, for both his customers and his employees. Both can build a better relationship when they trust and know his restaurants will be open. He says this can also compliment other local businesses, by providing them with customers. He said, it is not so much about the money, as it is adapting to the needs of the community and that he finds is very rewarding.

I remember the first “I Know Jo” story I did with Dominic in 2012. He had recently opened his family run business, Hatchas Grill in Angel Fire. He told me then and it still holds true today, that his restaurants are a labor of love stretching back for four generations. He still believes in and implements, his Grandma’s adage, “a love for cooking is in our blood…esta’en el mano…”(it’s all in the hands). And he added, “…it is the hand that is connected to the heart, which loves to cook”. Dominic has spent the past several years proving this to the people of Angel Fire and continues to support the community in many ways. The best one being his love for inviting us into his restaurants, Café Expresso and H2 Uptown, and making them feel like home.

Visit Café Expresso for breakfast or lunch, any day of the week. In a hurry? Pop in for grab n’ go items like hand held burritos and wraps for $5.00 and under. Watch for specials listed daily on Facebook. Plus now the Sunday Brunch Buffet.













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