October 22, 2019

Shuter Library Says “I Know Jo, Do You?”

shuter-library-08By Jo Mixon

Jo With Virginia Mattingly (Library Director)

Virginia Mattingly took the reins as Shuter Library Director about six months ago. She came to us from a position at the University of Louisville Law School Library. She works with a nine member board of directors and two part time assistants. During our interview she kept directing me back to all the library has to offer, when I would tried to focus upon her.

She very excited wants to share a few points about Shuter Library that you might not know:

1. First Virginia wants you to know, Shuter Library now has fiber optics and free internet is available to the public. Library patrons may come inside and use one of the computer work stations, or sit in your car using your laptop. Fast and free internet, what a great service!

2. She wants everyone to know that ALL of Shuter Library services are free. There are no membership dues. Books, movies, DVD’s and more can be checked out….free. And everyone is qualified for a library card whether a you are a resident of Angel Fire or a guest of Angel Fire. While there, sit and enjoy reading in comfort, at the Bookworm Cafe.

3. Did you know Shuter Library is dog friendly? I didn’t either. As long as your dog is well behaved, he or she is welcome.

4. Shuter Library has a used bookstore inside. There are books, audio books, DVD’s, movies, puzzles, music and more for sale.

5. And most important, Virginia wants you to know that Shuter Library is a non-profit 501(c)3 completely funded by grants and donations. Fundraising events are key to keeping the doors open and being able to offer all of these amazing free services.

Her main goal for the library is to increase programming. She is planning cooking demonstrations with Chef Kevin from Elements Fine Dining, Art workshops with local artist Bob Bear, of Bear NAture Art Gallery and she is working with Art Up Northern New Mexico board member, Loretta Tollefson, putting together materials to celebrate Poetry Month in Cimarron and Eagle Nest schools. She really wants to attract more young people and their parents into the library. So check it out, the children’s collection is quite fantastic!

I asked what she thought is the libraries greatest challenge. She said (aside from funding) it is space. Books are rotated on a regular basis, so visit frequently. And while you’re there consider joining the book club.

I was curious why she chose Angel Fire. She told me she had lived in Taos, during her vagabond days and fell in love with northern New Mexico. She had a heartfelt desire to live in the mountains someday. (In a treehouse with a pulley system if possible!) When the opportunity arose and the job at Shuter Library was offered to her, she gladly accepted. Being an outdoorsy girl, she told me she loved being able to ski in the mornings before work. That is not a benefit found at most jobs or locations. She said, “It’s all about a life balance between work and play.” She and constant companion, Chuy, short for Chuy Chewbacca Big Boy Son of a Butcher, her blue healer mix, are anticipating spring and summer to explore more of the trails and greenbelts in and around Angel Fire.

Other than Chuy, travelling is her first love. In February, she visited Cuba and toured a few libraries and schools while there. Two of her other favorite trips include hiking the Inca Trail from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu and volunteering in Liberia with the World Computer Exchange. Her favorite female authors are Joan Didion, Banana Yoshimoto & JK Rowling. She enjoys reading fantasy, non-fiction, and books set in exotic places.

Stop by the Shuter Library and get to know Virginia, she is unique and interesting and a great asset to the Shuter Library and to Angel Fire!








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