September 15, 2019

Biking Across America

steve-garufiAuthor Event: Biking Across America
Saturday, May 28, 10:30AM
Shuter Library of Angel Fire

Steve Garufi, author of Under a Triumphant Sky will share stories about his cross country bike ride and sign copies of his memoir.

Have any of you dreamed of running away, of heading out to the highway, never looking back, and getting away from it all? Steve Garufi, author of “Under a Triumphant Sky: A Bike Across America Story”, had those dreams and fulfilled them by pedaling across America twice in 2008 and 2011.

At the Shuter Library of Angel Fire, Garufi will do a presentation with maps, photos, and his bicycle, while answering questions about what it’s like to ride cross-country and how to do it.

Hear the story about how his bicycle was stolen in Phoenix, Arizona one week into his first trip — and how he overcame. Learn about how Steve “lost all sanity” when he had four flat tires — yes four! — in a single day in Mississippi.

Be inspired by stories of so many good people he encountered: friends who drove hundreds of miles to meet him on his route; to bike mechanics who refused to charge for their services; and strangers who give Garufi tours of their towns.

Signed copies of his book will be available for $15 after the event.

More information about Steve’s book can be found on Amazon.


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