September 15, 2019

Two New Gold Status Memberships

We are very excited to say thank you and congratulations to two of our outstanding premium Chamber members who, due to their customer contributions to the Chamber have achieved gold status memberships!

Angel Fire Homes Property Management
Premium Member Since 2009, Now Gold!

Winter Sports
Premium Member Since 1983, Now Gold!

What is a premium level membership and how does a premium become gold? Premium is a level of membership that our businesses may choose to enroll. Dues for a premium membership are $200 per year as opposed to $250 per year for a standard membership. The premium business agrees to voluntarily add and collect a 1/2 of a percent (.005%) chamber fee, from their customers. At the end of the month the fee is passed through to the chamber. Their customers are actually paying for their chamber benefits, not the business itself. This membership comes with added chamber benefits. A standard membership is allowed one business listing. Premium members are allowed up to three business listings, all three businesses receive full member benefits! Premiums are allowed 24 ads in the weekly eBlast instead of the 12 provided with standard memberships.

Once the pass through fees from the business’s customers reach $2500 or more per year, the business automatically is upgraded to a gold membership status. At that time, the chamber will reimburse their $200 yearly dues and their chamber benefits become free. Gold members are allowed unlimited free business memberships and eBlast ads for as long as they are in good standing.

All of the Chamber benefits of a gold membership are FREE to the business for voluntarily collecting the 1/2 percent chamber feee from their customers! No money comes out of the business’s pocket/budget, nor do we invoice them the following year. Isn’t that awesome?

Free is really good! And it is these businesses who pledge to maintain the backbone of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce, helping to keep our doors open and our office fully functional.

Thank you again to Kyle Eby, Barbara Eby, Jude Eby, and Edd Geoffroy of Angel Fire Homes Property Management and to Herbert Koffler of Winter Sports. (FYI – Herbert is a foundational member of the Angel Fire Chamber and signed the Articles of Incorporation to start get us started in 1982).

You guys rock!

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