October 21, 2019

AFCF Grant Aids MVHS Completion

When Moreno Valley Education Foundation President Carl Nelson approached the Angel Fire Community Foundation board last June requesting funding to meet a $30,000 shortfall for badly needed landscaping at the beautiful high school expansion, there was initial hesitation.

The community foundation’s mission has been “…to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors in the Moreno Valley” with emphasis on yalley health. “How does ‘landscaping’ fit that mission,” the board wondered. A discussion continued, the thought began to surface, isn’t mental health and well being part of the valley health emphasis? And, won’t a pleasant, attractive, inviting front yard to the new high school buildings contribute to the positive educational experience of our yalley students, as well as new-found pride in the community at large?

With those thoughts, the board approached the Jeffrey Loying Memorial Fund, advised by Andy and Penny Loying, to consider a $30,000 matching grant to the Moreno Valley Education Foundation, thereby making a $60,000 bid from Gecko Landscaping, Inc. of Taos come true. The Lovings liked the grant proposal and the AFCF board voted unanimously to award the grant, which enabled Moreno Valley Education Foundation to accomplish its mission to help support secondary schools, staff and students from the Moreno Valley.

Today students, faculty, staff and the Angel Fire community at large can be very proud of the welcoming, warm ‘front door’ to our high school. As Nelson’s grant application described, “the xeriscape project will provide irrigation, prevent weeds, thistles, mullein, etc. from overwhelming the campus, minimize erosion and help create a better environment for the students.” Now completed, “everybody loves it — students, teachers and staff,” Nelson said.

The courtyard, with its own wind-sheltered microclimate, is even used for class instruction on warm days. Do the students notice, or care? Senior Amelia Hoffmann smiled, “It’s great, a fun place to gather. Now we often eat lunch in the courtyard whereas before we drifted off or drove to town.”

The Angel Fire Community Foundation is pleased and honored to have helped fund the high school landscaping budget shortfall. For more information about the Foundation, please see the accompanying color box or go to: www.angelfirecommunityfoundation.org.

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