November 14, 2019

Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP)

Susana Martinez, Governor
Matthew B. Geisel, Cabinet Secretary

For immediate release; February 20, 2017
Contact: Benjamin Cloutier

JTIP Board Awards $1,450,104.00 in February 2017 to create 388 jobs

Santa Fe, NM – Today, the New Mexico Economic Development Department announced that the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) board has approved $1,450,104 to create 388 jobs and 1internship in Februrary.

“The assistance JTIP provides not only helps companies grow and thrive in our state, it creates good jobs for hard working New Mexicans,” said Economic Development Secretary Matt Geisel. “It’s incredible to see our JTIP program helping new companies build their presence in our state and helping our homegrown companies expand and thrive.”

February’s JTIP Recipients Were:

Safelite Solutions, LLC, Rio Rancho – Safelite AutoGlass is the largest auto glass specialist in the United States providing multifaceted and integrated auto glass and claims management service organization. 320 jobs, $839,700

“To have the State of New Mexico invest in training to make sure the people we employ can be as successful as possible says a lot about the culture in the State of New Mexico,” said Brian O’Mara, VP of Client Service Delivery. “Thanks to JTIP, we are able to create jobs for hundreds of New Mexicans and give our employees opportunities for growth.”

Vitality Works, Inc., Albuquerque – Vitality Works is a New Mexico company that sells supplements of the highest quality, purity and potency. With approximately 600 customers worldwide, Vitality Works sells their products to healthcare practitioners, health food stores, retail stores, natural food traders, multi-level marketing companies and foreign operations. 10 jobs, $46,011.92

Meow Wolf, Inc., Santa Fe – Meow Wolf is a New Mexico arts production company that creates immersive, multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of storytelling. At the nexus of art, technology and entertainment this unique fusion gives audiences fictional worlds to explore. Meow Wolf is expanding its manufacturing team in Santa Fe. 7 jobs, $130,556.32
“Thanks to JTIP, we’re able to expand our immersive arts experience – a unique New Mexico attraction,” said Vince Kadlubek, CEO of Meow Wolf. “JTIP not only allows us to expand our operations, it gives us the opportunity to expand New Mexico’s creative economy and create jobs for people in our community.”

SolAero Technologies Corporation, Albuquerque – SolAero Technologies was founded in Albuquerque and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly efficient, radiation hard solar cells, Coverglass Interconnected Cells (CICs), and satellite solar panels for space power applications and is the world’s largest Multi-Junction Solar Cell Foundry. 25 jobs, $182,090

Rural Sourcing, Inc., Albuquerque – Rural Sourcing, Inc. is an alternative to offshoring technology development and support. The company provides software application development, quality assurance testing, business intelligence, analytic services and ongoing support and maintenance of critical business applications. RSI offers a wide range of highly specialized IT services for companies across a variety of industries. 5 jobs, 1 intern, $63,512 (Amendment)

PCM Sales, Inc., Rio Rancho – PCM, Inc. is a publicly-held technology solutions provider serving the U.S. and Canada. The company offers a wide variety of IT solutions, services and products to meet its customers’ technology needs. 18 jobs, $99,285.12 (Amendment)

Skorpios Technologies, Inc., Albuquerque – Albuquerque-based startup Skorpios Technologies, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company delivering integrated communications products based upon their proprietary, wafer-scale, silicon photonics process. The technology can be used to address a wide range of applications, including high-speed video, data and voice communications for networking and cloud computing, storage and wireless and cable television. 3 jobs, $89,197.52 (Amendment)

Amendments: JTIP policy allows companies to amend their active JTIP projects. Amendments may increase or decrease the original project budget depending in the change. Typical amendments include increases to the number of job slots approved in a particular job classification, the addition of a job classification to the project, or adjustments to approved wage ranges.

To qualify for JTIP, new or expanding companies must either create a product in New Mexico, or provide a nonretail service with 50 percent of the company’s costumer or revenue base outside of the state. The eligible jobs must be full-time and year-round. The trainee must be a new hire to the company and have been a New Mexico resident for at least one year at any time prior to being hired. For more information on JTIP, visit

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