July 16, 2019

Did You Know?

Did you know as a member of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce, your business becomes part of a strong advocacy team of businesses all around the Enchanted Circle who stand together? It is the Legislative Policy of the Angel Fire Chamber to be not only reactive, but proactive in the federal, state and local political arena. In general, we will confine ourselves to those issues that affect the health and welfare of the business community, but on occasion, will become involved in community issues that are broader in nature. The Chamber of Commerce has a major impact on the business and the future growth of the community.

There are two primary functions of a Chamber of Commerce:

1. It acts as a spokesperson for its business and professional members and translates into action the group thinking of its members.

2. It renders specific services and acts as an advocate for its members in a way that is most effectively done by an organization rather than by independent businesses on their own.

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