July 16, 2019

Two Weeks To Go On 2017 Legislation

The 60 Day 2017 Legislation Will End March 18

We get it, you’re busy. Running a business, serving your customers, trying to make a payroll and with Spring Break cranking up, every minute is consumed with meeting the needs of our visitors. But right now, in Santa Fe, 112 representatives and senators are making decisions that will impact your business. When’s the last time they heard from you? Call them. Write them. Email them. It’s critical that our elected officials hear from our residents and community business leaders. Contacting them is easy. We’ll make it even easier. Click below for a list of New Mexico legislators. Find your legislator, click on their pic and voila! There’s all their contact info. Don’t wait. Take a little time out of your day today and contact your elected official. Your business depends on it.

Click here for a list of your New Mexico Legislators.

Let them know NOW if you support or oppose a bill. Your opinion matters but not until you take the time to be heard!

Click here for the upcoming session calendar.

How to Track a Bill in Legislation

Click here for Webcasting of the 2017 Legislation.

The link to watch a meeting will not appear until the meeting has started.

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