May 20, 2019

Chamber Cash Mob

Call For Mobsters!

We need at least 20 shoppers to sign up for us to have a successful Cash Mob season. To date, 5 mobsters have signed up and we need at least 15 more!

Cash Mob for Spring 2017 has been canceled. We did not have enough Mobsters signup. Thank you.

Why We Cash Mob

Many of our local businesses stay open to serve locals and guests during the off season. This can be hard on these businesses just to pay overhead. We like to show as much appreciation to these businesses as possible. Cash Mob months are April, May, October and November.

The Chamber signs up as “Mob-ees”, all of the members who are open during the Cash Mob months, ie restaurants, stores, artist studios, etc.

How We Cash Mob

A Cash Mob is called once every 10 days to 2 weeks during the Cash Mob months. The Chamber asks at least 20 people sign up to be “Mobsters”. Mobsters agree they will go to the business assigned for that Cash Mob and spend at least $25.00 to show appreciation. Therefore if at least 20 mobsters arrive on the day of the Mob, that local business will receive a bump in revenue! (Mobsters are alerted to the Cash Mob date and location in advance by text message, email or phone call)

Not signed up because you are traveling? Not to worry. you can still be a Mobster. It is simple. If you are not in town during one or more of the Cash Mobs, simply call the business we are Mobing, give them your credit card number and ask for a gift certificate.


Call 575-377-6353 for more information.

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