April 20, 2019

Notice To All Of Our Summer Visitors

We’d like to clarify the highway construction on Highway 434 between Black Lake and Mora, from the point of view of someone who travels that road nearly every other day.

The DOT workers have done a wonderful job, keeping the road open for traffic. The current construction phase near Mile Marker 19 is only two and one-half miles long and has a traffic light that is 4 minutes long, allowing traffic to move through at a steady pace.

The flashing highway signs restrict any traffic over 10 feet wide. That is the same restriction that has a permanent sign and has been in effect for several years. From our front deck, we have observed a few semi-trucks with flatbed trailers coming through, motor homes, other large vehicles, and many cars.

Sierra Bonita Cabins and RV Park, at Mile Marker 17.5, is easily accessible for motor homes from the south through Las Vegas and Mora. Most of our RV guests come to us from the south.

We look forward to a wonderful summer and great fishing! You are invited.

Sierra Bonita Cabins and RV Park

Don and Sharon Duke

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