August 22, 2019

Part-Time Custodian Needed

The United Church of Angel Fire is looking for a part-time custodian to start around the end of April, 2017 (10 to 12 hours per week). Main duties are to clean all areas of the church in a timely manner. The applicant needs to be self-motivated, resourceful, flexible and able to keep certain church matters confidential. A job description is given below. Please contact the church office if you’re interested in this position. Salary and benefits will be discussed during your interview.

Job Description: Church Custodian


The housekeeping aspect affects the public’s and potential new members’ impression of our organization. Our Church should be kept clean and orgnanized at all times.

Roles & Responsibilities

Organization skills are required to handle daily, weekly and seasonal cleaning of the sanctuary, offices, hallways and entries, all of which involve dusting, mopping, vacuuming and sweeping. Stocking and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, emptying trash and ordering supplies.

Applicant should be supportive to other staff members, council and committee members and congregation with professional and ethical integrity.


The church custodian is accountable to the Senior Pastor / Head of Staff, and the Church Council, through the Personnel Committee.

Richard Safford – Senior Pastor / Head of Staff
575-377-1559 (Phone)
575-377-7273 (Fax)

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