August 22, 2019

Part-Time Office Administrator Needed

The United Church of Angel Fire is looking for a part-time office administrator to start around the middle of April, 2017 (20 to 24 hours per week). Main duties are to assist the Pastor in day-to-day secretarial and administrative services of the church office. The applicant needs to be self-motivated, resourceful, flexible and able to keep certain church matters confidential. A job description is given below. Please contact the church office if you’re interested in this position. Salary and benefits will be discussed during your interview.

Job Description: Office Administrator


The Office Administrator is an essential member of our church staff and provides administrative management and coordination for The United Church of Angel Fire. The Office Administrator works to ensure efficient and effective functioning of all church operations, either through hands-on involvement or by coordinating the efforts of staff and volunteers.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Office Administrator has primary responsibility for managing church operations, including all aspects of running the church office, management of the church calendar, and maintenance of office records, equipment, supplies and materials.

He/she oversees the church communication to facilitate the flow of information and support the engagement of church members, friends and visitors. This involves maintaining existing forms of communication and identifying the need for and implementing new and improved mechanisms. Aspects of church communications include maintaining a database of information about members, friends and visitors; developing, producing and distributing a monthly newsletter; managing layout and content for orders of service; creating materials for special services and participating actively in the management and revision of website format and content. Application should be proficient in word processing, spreadsheets and publishing software.


The Office Administrator is accountable to the Senior Pastor / Head of Staff, and the Church Council, through the Personnel Committee.

Richard Safford – Senior Pastor / Head of Staff
575-377-1559 (Phone)
575-377-7273 (Fax)

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