October 22, 2019

Kit Carson Internet Announcement

Kit Carson Internet would like to inform all customers that March 1, 2018 a main upstream fiber line was cut around 12:00 noon. Kit Carson’s primary internet services were interrupted due to the destruction of a Century Link large count fiber line which was destroyed by an apparent brush fire. Kit Carson Internet had no control over this matter and immediately began routing traffic on a redundant northern route for critical service institutions. Kit Carson Internet proactively responded to restore service by not waiting for partner organizations to fix the line. The official cause of the outage is being investigated and Kit Carson is awaiting an official report to be made public by the responsible party. Because of Kit Carson Internet’s proactive redundant capabilities, priority and critical emergency response services and anchor institutions were restored by 4:00 pm. All other customers saw service restoration throughout the evening as Kit Carson Internet’s routes began to fully propagate. All customer internet services had been restored by 10:15 pm. Kit Carson Internet apologizes for this unanticipated and uncontrollable situation in service interruption. Kit Carson Internet will keep the public updated as information becomes available with regards to the official cause. Kit Carson Internet would like to once again reaffirm that this outage was not caused directly by Kit Carson Internet. Please see this information source for updates.


Andrew T. Gonzales
Kit Carson Electric/Technologies
PIO/Telecom Manager

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