June 17, 2019

Upcoming Important Village Meetings

Please plan to attend these upcoming important village meetings.

Friday, March 23, 2018
Lodger’s Tax Committe Meeting
10:00 am at Village Hall
Angel Fire, NM

If you want to see events such as Cool Summer Nights Concerts, Habla Tamale Cookoff and Festival, The Angel Fire Studio Art Tour, Military Winterfest, RoughRiders Double Century Bike Race, and many other events that depend upon lodgers tax grant money to be able to put on and advertise their events, to continue this year in Angel Fire, please voice your opinion to the Lodgers Tax Committee. We were told the village has decided not to give lodgers tax grant money to any non-profits/events this year, but hopefully that is still up for discussion. Ballons Over Angel Fire is safe because it is run by the Village, but every other event is in jeopardy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Village Council Meeting
Time TBD at Village Hall
Angel Fire, NM

Article courtesy of the WPP

UPDATE ON TIME — TBD! (Terry Cordova, the Village Clerk was contacted March 19 at 8:50 am and she said they are setting the time and agenda this week. So, stand by!)

Angel Fire Village Council will be discussing the Village Hall needed repairs, police department space requirements, and the status & future use of the old Alpine building. This will be outlined in the upcoming agenda that will be published on March 22. (So far it has not been published. They have until 72 hours prior to the meeting to publish.)

It’s expected councilors will be pressed for an expenditure on a new location for Village Hall. But, Angel Fire residents, I ask you to please consider: Village Hall is paid for; and the Alpine building is paid for. Though Alpine is partially occupied, it will need a build out for the remainder of the space, as those who attended the Feb. 26 Candidate Forum discovered.

Village Hall is in need of repairs and the staff would like to operate elsewhere while these repairs are being done. Some, though, would like move to a new building permanently and then find a new purpose for the current Village Hall. In this commercial real estate market, I wonder how long it would sit empty!

At this meeting, the Council will be presented with some options that they asked for at their last work session in 2017. These will be important to help form a rationale direction for our village! At the beginning of the regular council meeting, ANYONE can fill out a request to speak. This must be a statement no longer than 3 minutes long. There is usually no response from council members. (Please note this is an important time to convey your concerns, your wish for a solid vision and plan, etc)

A work session following the Regular Council meeting is also open to the public. Council members will more openly discuss the matters at hand. Audience participation is encouraged during this type of meeting!!

Let’s give our council & mayor our feedback from the community, as to how we wish OUR money be spent! Let’s get as many concerned citizens there as we can!

Added footnote:

(Consider we have been told it is cost prohibitive for the village to re-cycle, hooking onto the NM public transportation system costs too much, the Village saves x-amount of money by not rehiring a building inspector, etc. but we are being asked to support purchasing another building to house Village Hall?)

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