October 17, 2019

Earth Day Re-Cycle Event

By Kelly Orndorff

The Earth Day Re-Cycle Event was a great success!

The Angel Fire Earth Day event yesterday (Sat, April 21) turned out great! We had SO many volunteers helping, everything from trail clean-up, litter pick-up, voter registration and sorting/loading recycling. Thank you to everyone for showing up and helping – Barb Jones, Dave Anderson, Janet Alton, JoAnn Layden, Larry Layden, Kathleen Crissman, Gary Zientara, Jan Zientara, Bill Mason,and Ellen Miller-Goins. Brian and Carolyn Smith made an appearance, even though he just had his heart stent procedure. Linda Hughes, Jo Mixon, Logan Orndorff and Franchesca Zoppe worked on the event behind the scenes. I hope I didn’t forget anybody. Thank you, everyone!

And then, in addition to all the volunteers, there were probably at least 20 or more members from the community who came and brought us their bag loads of items to be recycled. Gary and Jan Zientara volunteered to take the first truck-load of recyclables down to Taos Recycle Center – their SUV was nearly full! And I took a pick-up truck-load down to Taos at the end of the day. All in all, we probably had at least 20 large trash bags full of items to be recycled and litter picked up from the trails and surrounding areas.

The consensus from most everyone who participated in the Earth Day event was that we all wish we still had plastic and glass recycling in Angel Fire. Many of us are willing to pay a little extra for this service. There was a lot of talk of how we as community members can push to get recycling back to Angel Fire.

Thank you Angel Fire community!

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