July 16, 2019

5th Annual Military Winterfest

Our non-profit National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center is hosting the 5th annual Military Winterfest from February 21-25, 2019 at the Angel Fire Resort.

Winterfest is a military families celebration, working to provide veterans and their families affordable winter activities. It also helps us raise awareness of the Wellness Center’s mission of treating veterans and their spouses dealing with Post Traumatic Stress. Through Winterfest, we hope to attract these veterans to our local businesses and the wonders of our beautiful community.

We are thankful to area businesses who have committed to supporting our visiting veterans with cash donations and discounts. Your business contributions make a family winter vacation singularly possible for some and certainly more enjoyable for all of these families.

If we haven’t contacted you or you weren’t able to commit to Military Winterfest when we did contact you, there is still time to get involved. If your business wants to celebrate our veterans with your own donations or discounts, please contact me as soon as possible, so that we can let our attendees know of your generosity.

Thank you for making the Angel Fire a welcoming community and a return destination.

Lee Hopson, 2019 Military Winterfest Organizer
Phone: 217-357-4914
Email: lelandhopson@gmail.com

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