July 16, 2019

Charter School Enrollment Cap Stripped

In a major victory for our students at Moreno Valley High School (MVHS), the charter school enrollment cap was stripped from major education legislation.

Friday, the Senate Education Committee removed a provision from a large education funding bill (SB 1) that would have imposed an arbitrary enrollment cap on the number of students attending charter schools in New Mexico. Alongside other organizations and partners, the Chamber testified in opposition to an enrollment cap earlier this week. The removal of the cap is good news and should allow for the continued growth of high-quality charter schools like MVHS in our State. The Chamber thanks the members of the committee.

Following the removal of the student enrollment cap and the adoption of a few other changes to the legislation, the Committee passed SB 1 to its next committee. SB 1 will provide significant new funding to public education, increase the targeting of education dollars to at-risk students, raise teacher salaries, and expand a proven program that extends the school year and delivers extra instruction to certain students and schools across the state.

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