October 24, 2019

Fast Facts About New Mexico

  • Chile is the No. 1 cash crop in the state, and New Mexico grows more chile than any other state with over 120,000 tons produced annually.
  • The state’s elevations range from 2,871 feet at Red Bluff Lake to 13,161 on Wheeler Peak.
  • New Mexico has six of the seven life zones found in the world – classified by vegetarian type and varying by altitude and orientation to the sun.
  • New Mexico is known as “The State of the Arts” because it is home to more working artists, open studios, artist-owned galleries and specialty and artisan-oriented shops than any other state per capita.

Explore New Mexico’s Scenic Byways

Originally created by congress through the funding and authorization bill ISTEA (1991), the National Scenic Byways program was intended to foster economic development through furnishing the upfront capital costs associated with developing transportation related tourist amenities throughout the United States. Subsequent funding allocations were made through SAFETEA-LU (2005). MAP-21 (2012) effectively ended the program, and the current funding and authorization bill, the FAST Act (2015), did not reinstate it. Over the life of the Scenic Byways program, numerous scenic drives throughout the Land of Enchantment have been embellished. These byways showcase the intrinsic scenic, historical and cultural qualities of our state while adding to its economic well-being.


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