October 23, 2019

Local Chamber CEO Awarded 50K

Local Chamber CEO Awarded 50K by the National Social Anxiety Foundation for Essay on Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

WASHINGTON D.C. – Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, affects approximately 73 percent of the population. According to the National Social Anxiety Center, it tops the list of the phobias, ahead of spiders, heights and even death. So how can we overcome this crippling anxiety of being in front of the crowd? Local Chamber CEO has been awarded a nice bonus package for her essay on Empowering Women with the 8 steps to Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking.

The NSAF says, “Each year, our inboxes are flooded with stories of survival, pain, hope, courage and determination. The messages of many women, especially single working moms, on how they have overcome inhibitions has advanced to great levels.”

When asked about the award notice, this local Chamber CEO replied without anxiety, “I have experienced the struggle of living as a working single mother and have had to overcome many fears, so this award is absolutely amazing! Too bad it isn’t true, April Fools!”

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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