October 23, 2019

The Chamber Thanks You!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our 37th Anniversary at the Birthday Party we threw ourselves last Thursday night! The fun and shenanigans had everyone filled with laughter
and the food had everyone filled with delicious! (Thanks to Sam and your crew at Zeb’s Restaurant and Bar!)

Congratulations to Charlene Sapien for winning the “No” game and to Christian and Casey who both came in a very close 2nd! Tricksters!

Thanks to the winners, Daniel & Cindy’s tables of peeps, for answering the most correct questions in the Hokie Chamber Trivia Game.

Thank you to all who donated to the Silent Auction and those who bid on the items and to Charmaine for the fabulous birthday cake!

Please enjoy photos below, courtesy of Marcy Archer and Denise Janelle, the two awesome staff members at the Chamber!

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