November 11, 2019

GO Bond Project Update

The Village of Angel Fire General Obligation Bond (GO Bond) Project is underway. The project consists of waterline installation, sewer line installation, storm waterline installation and roadway paving. The locations of the improvements for this phase are El Camino Real/Vail from the intersection of North Angel Fire Road to just shy of the first sharp turn on El Camino Real, Aspen Street from Vail to the cul de sac below Ski Area, and Miller Lane.

*There will be construction crews moving equipment, digging and working in trenches, installing piping, and paving in these locations. Please respect traffic control personnel for safety reasons. Please seek alternate routes during construction if possible.*

Weekly Updates will be provided on Village of Angel Fire website, The following improvements that will be occurring with each of these locations:

El Camino Real/ Vail Avenue: This location is first to see improvements.

  • Currently the sewer line is being installed and is expected to take 2-3 weeks. Expected completion date is June 28th.
  • Water line installation is next and it also is expected to take 2-3 weeks. With an expected completion date of July 12th.
  • Dry Utilities will be moved by Kit Carson & Century Link and expected to take 1 week with an expected completion date of July 19th.
  • Roadway realignment and containment wall to be completed as soon as other tasks are completed. Some of this work will be simultaneously to other tasks. The Construction crew is making every effort to maintain one roadway lane open at all times. In the event of any required closings the contractor will notify the Village in order to get the word out.
  • Storm Drains will be installed on a short section of this roadway. This will be done later on in the project and updates will be provided.
  • Street lighting will be replaced on this roadway. Date of completion has not been determined. Updates will be provided to web site as soon as time frame is provided.

Aspen Street: Dates for these tasks will be updated as soon as dates are provided by contractor.

  • Storm drains will be installed for the entire length of roadway
  • Water Valves will be installed
  • Dry Utilities will be relocated
  • Roadway/ sidewalks will be placed

Miller Lane: Dates will be provided when contractor is closer to this tasks.

  • Retaining wall will be placed
  • Storm Drains will be installed
  • Roadway/sidewalk will be placed

Days and hours of operation: Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

No work on holidays or weekends for now, this may change in future. Updates will be provided.

Roadway Closures & Water Service Interruptions

Roadway Closures and Water Service interruptions will be required and notice will be provided as soon as possible.

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