August 21, 2019

The Chamber Thanks You!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our 37th Anniversary at the Birthday Party we threw ourselves last Thursday night! The fun and shenanigans had everyone filled with laughter
and the food had everyone filled with delicious! (Thanks to Sam and your crew at Zeb’s Restaurant and Bar!)

Congratulations to Charlene Sapien for winning the “No” game and to Christian and Casey who both came in a very close 2nd! Tricksters!

Thanks to the winners, Daniel & Cindy’s tables of peeps, for answering the most correct questions in the Hokie Chamber Trivia Game.

Thank you to all who donated to the Silent Auction and those who bid on the items and to Charmaine for the fabulous birthday cake!

Please enjoy photos below, courtesy of Marcy Archer and Denise Janelle, the two awesome staff members at the Chamber!

Local Chamber CEO Awarded 50K

Local Chamber CEO Awarded 50K by the National Social Anxiety Foundation for Essay on Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

WASHINGTON D.C. – Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, affects approximately 73 percent of the population. According to the National Social Anxiety Center, it tops the list of the phobias, ahead of spiders, heights and even death. So how can we overcome this crippling anxiety of being in front of the crowd? Local Chamber CEO has been awarded a nice bonus package for her essay on Empowering Women with the 8 steps to Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking.

The NSAF says, “Each year, our inboxes are flooded with stories of survival, pain, hope, courage and determination. The messages of many women, especially single working moms, on how they have overcome inhibitions has advanced to great levels.”

When asked about the award notice, this local Chamber CEO replied without anxiety, “I have experienced the struggle of living as a working single mother and have had to overcome many fears, so this award is absolutely amazing! Too bad it isn’t true, April Fools!”

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Winter Season 2018/2019 Photos

A few fun photos from the 2018/2019 Winter Season in Angel Fire as the year comes to an end.

Photos courtesy of Angel Fire Resort, Collin Wheeler, Stevie Lund, Rene Kuharski, Lone Krarup, Diane Doherty, Lisa Sutton and Angel Fire Visitor Center.


Quarterly Membership Breakfast Meeting

Our special guest speaker will be Hannah Johnson, 11 year old daughter of Jarred and Kellie Johnson of Angel Fire. Hannah is one of two recipients of New Mexico’s top youth volunteers. She has been awarded the 2019 Youth Volunteer of the Year by the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.

When: April 16, 2019 from 8:00 am to 9:00 am

Where: 3407 Mountain View Blvd., Angel Fire, NM 87710

This is a national honor. She will travel to Washington DC to be recognized and receive her award. Hannah was nominated by Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails.

What The Chamber Does Not Do

By Jo Mixon

Over the course of the years, we get LOTS of calls at the Chamber, asking us various questions that honestly, we have no ability to answer. It is nice to know that people believe we are such a plethora of knowledge (and we try to be) but there are some things beyond our sphere of control. I like to share some of these with you from time to time.

Below are a few things the Chamber does not know or do in response to actual phone calls we have received.

I am sorry, the Chamber does not know which rent house up yonder, you know on that hill, on that circle street, is for rent, nor do we know who the owner is.

I am sorry but the Chamber cannot place your 2 children into ski school classes because you know there is room for just 2 more, even though that lady at the Ski School says they are full.

I am sorry sir but the Chamber cannot get your parking ticket expunged even if you did not know you were parking in a No Parking zone.

I am sorry but the Chamber does not remove snow or cows from your driveway, but we can refer you to someone who does.

I am sorry the Chamber does not know if your relative is buried out on private land in Black Lake, nor could we go scout around to find an unmarked grave.

The Chamber will not make sure the naked photos you sent us get to Johnny Depp because he is your soul mate and you have been trying to get these photos to him for years, (he was filming Lone Ranger here at the time) but we will be happy to turn them over to the authorities with your return address and phone number. By the way the photo of your dog is quite cute.

I am sorry but the Chamber does not know the name of that restaurant you went to 20 years ago, even though you do not remember the name or the address, but you really want to go there when you visit us this summer.

I am sorry sir but I do not think you will like the answer to the question you just asked me… “Is there a way off of this mountain without having to go back down a mountain pass? My wife didn’t like that.” We are sort of up in the mountains, the only way out is back down a mountain pass.

And finally, I am sorry but the Chamber is not the weather office, we cannot predict exactly when the snow will fall or how much we will receive, when the mud will be dried up so you can get into your vacation home without a 4 wheel drive or the exact day the leaves will be in peak season in the fall, so you can plan your trip around that date.

Questions? Give us a call, we will do our best to give you direction! Have a great day!

More Legislative Updates

House Bill 206, or the Environmental Review Act, sponsored by Representative Gail Chasey (D – Bernalillo) and Senator Mimi Stewart (D – Bernalillo), was significantly slowed in the House State Government, Elections, and Indian Affairs Committee on Friday. The bill, which would add a significant environmental review process to both publicly and privately financed projects over $2 million and substantially inhibit economic development, faced strong opposition from business groups, energy companies, and local and municipal governments that view the legislation as an unfunded mandate from the state. The committee also heard concerns from Representatives Daymon Ely (D – Bernalillo) and Representative Greg Nibert (R – Chaves and Lincoln) regarding the lack of funding for the nearly $2 million appropriation (and whether that amount was sufficient to cover the bill’s requirements) and whether business was adequately involved as a stakeholder in the development of the bill. The sponsor asked that the bill be rolled over for another committee substitute and an updated Fiscal Impact Report from the Legislative Finance Committee.

House Bill 2, a $7 billion budget representing a double-digit year-over-year increase in spending, passed the House. The vote was 46-23, with all Republicans voting no except for Representative Jane Powdrell Culbert (R-Sandoval). Republicans, led by Jason Harper (R-Sandoval), presented an alternative budget that was rejected on party lines by a vote of 44-24. The House-approved FY 20 budget, now on its way to the Senate, proposes to spend $7 billion of general fund revenues, a 10.8% increase over FY 19. The lion’s share of the new money goes to public education, which increases $449 million or 16%, largely in response to the district court decision in the Yazzie/Martinez case. The general fund reserve sits at $1.6 billion or 22.4% of recurring revenues. A key shortfall continues to be the lack of new funding for LEDA, the closing fund that currently only has $17.5 million in HB 2 funding, far less than the $75 million requested by the Governor to secure major investments in the state. The state’s job training fund, JTIP, also remains underfunded.

SB489 was given a do pass recommendation on a 5-3 vote. Senator Jacob Candelaria (D-Bernalillo), along with cosponsors and a panel of expert witnesses and backed by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, explained the carefully constructed provisions of SB 489 to the Senate Conservation Committee Saturday. If enacted, the bill would vault New Mexico into a new era of electric generation, replacing, in phases, reliance on coal plants with 100% renewable energy, such as wind and solar, by 2045.

HB 31 and SB 437, Minimum Wage Bills Senator Clemente Sanchez, is sponsoring SB 437 and Representative Miguel Garcia is sponsoring HB 31, which has already passed the House. Both were heard on Saturday. Key differences between the two were the tipped wage credit for those receiving more than $30 per month in tips. HB31 eliminates the tipped wage credit while SB437 maintains it. Garcia offered amendments today on Saturday that restored the tipped wage credit to HB31, at a slightly higher amount than SB437 and it is indexed to the cost of living. Now the two key remaining differences are the amount of increase and indexing. In two steps, SB437 would raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour by April 1, 2020. HB31 would step wages up to $10 on July 1, 2019; $11 on July 1, 2020 and $12 on July 1 2021. Starting July 1, 2022, the wage would be indexed to cost of living increases. SB437 contains no indexing leaving the decision about future increases in the hands of the Legislature. It also provides for an $8.50 minimum wage for high school students to encourage employers to give young people a place in the workplace.

HB 356, the Cannabis Regulation Act: This bill would legalize possession of small amounts of cannabis for people over the age of 21, tax and regulate sales of cannabis, and erase prior convictions for cannabis possession. The bill was approved by the committee after a lengthy debate on a vote of 7-3, and heads now to the House Floor. The 140-page bill has broad implications for employers, particularly in the absence of testing technology that would allow for employers to determine whether an employee testing positive for cannabis use is impaired. Representative Greg Nibert (R – Chaves and Lincoln) proposed an amendment to the bill inserting clear language ensuring that none of the bill’s provisions would impact an employers’ right to establish written drug free workplace policies and terminate or otherwise discipline employees testing positive for cannabis in accordance with those policies. The amendment was adopted unanimously, and while this potentially serves to address one of the concerns of the Chamber, but impaired driving continues to be a significant concern. This continues to be one of the most significant pieces of legislation moving through the Roundhouse this session.

Angel Fire Chamber Of Commerce 37th Birthday Party

Save the date because The Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce is celebrating our 37th birthday, and you are invited to the party!

When: Thursday, March 28, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Zeb’s Restaurant & Bar

Tickets: $37.00 per person

Enjoy dinner, music, fun, games, and birthday shenanigans!

A cash bar will be available.

2019 Angel Fire Chamber Calendar

If you are a Chamber member in good standing and would like to sign up to serve as a Chamber Ambassador, sign up to host a Business After Hours, Sponsor and/or speak at a Quarterly Membership Breakfast meeting, host the Summer Traveling Chamber Chair, or serve on a Chamber Committee or the Board of Directors please call or email Jo at or 575-377-6353.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed for lunch from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

2019 Calendar

  • March 28, 2019: Annual Membership Dinner/Meeting
  • March, 2019: Ambassador Program start-up
  • April to August 2019: Business After Hours: To sign your business up for BAH, please email to secure the month and date you want. These fill up fast!
  • April 16, 2019: Quarterly Membership Breakfast meeting: Special Guest Hannah Johnson, Youth Volunteer Recipient
  • June to August 2019: The Summer Adventures of the Traveling Chamber Chair: There will be 12 weeks of play. Sign up now for the Traveling Chamber Chair to come to your business this summer by emailing
  • June 18, 2019: Quarterly Membership Breakfast meeting
  • July to Labor Day 2019: Chamber Summer 50/50 Raffle
  • August 20, 2019: Quarterly Membership Breakfast meeting
  • October 28, 2019: Ballots mailed to all members to vote on Chamber Board of Director positions
  • November 19, 2019: Quarterly Membership Breakfast meeting/ New Board Members Sworn in/Seated
  • December 5, 2019: Community Christmas Tree Lighting co-sponsored with the Village of Angel Fire
  • December 7-8, 2019: Holiday Market co-sponsored with Art Up Northern New Mexico
  • December 9-20, 2019: Chamber 12 Days of Christmas Live Drawings

If and when more events/meetings/activities are added to this calendar we will post to let you know. Also if you are not a member of the Chamber of Commerce, we invite you to join us!

Employment Opportunities

Angel Fire Resort

We are now accepting applications for a Membership Assistant to join the Membership team and bring excellent customer service and organization skills to the Membership Department.

For more info or to apply please visit

SkiTech Ski Rentals

Positions are available for 2 ski techs, over the age of 18. Apply in person at 52 North Angel Fire Road, Angel Fire, NM 87710. See Mary Harms.

The Bump Coffee

We are still searching for someone to join our team. Minimum of 3 days during the week (26+ hours). The perfect person will be with us for the long haul, you have job security through the off season. Great pay + tips. Apply in person at 3375 Mountain View Boulevard, Angel Fire, NM 87710.

We Love Our Members!

Thank you to all our members of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce!

24/7 Automotive Performance
AAA Anytime Towing
Above the Rest Mountain High Retreat
Accounting Associates of Indianola
AF Snowpushers & HomeCare
Almost Home Condos
Alpine Lumber
Always Loving Mankind Food Pantry (ALM)
Angel Fire Airport
Angel Fire Appraisers
Angel Fire Bike Park
Angel Fire Chiropractic
Angel Fire Community Foundation
Angel Fire Computer Guy
Angel Fire Family Dentistry
Angel Fire Garden Club
Angel Fire Golf Course and Country Club
Angel Fire Nordic Center
Angel Fire Mini Mart
Angel Fire Resort
Angel Fire Resort Mountain Rentals and Property Management
Angel Fire Resort Ski & Snowboard Mountain
Angel Fire RV Resort
Angel Fire Small Animal Hospital
Angel Fire Sweet Shirt Company
Angel Fired Pizza
Apok Technology
Art Up Northern New Mexico
Arthur Insurance Agency
Aspen Mountain Woodworks
Association of Angel Fire Property Owners
Bailey’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair
Best Care Pharmacy
Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region
Blue Dawg Furniture
BMWS Investors, Ltd
Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures
Brenda’s Property Management
Cabin Comforts of Angel Fire
Canyon City Landscaping
CFT Ddecor & Gifts
Chase’s Extreme Builders
Chianti’s Pizzaria
Chris’ Plumbing
Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church
Chisum Realty Group a Keller Williams Company
Cove Development Center
Creating My Choices, LLC
David Westphall Veteran’s Foundation
Discover Angel Fire Central Reservations
Eagle Nest PTA
Elements Fine Dining & Lounge
El Jefe – Margaritas Y Mas
El Monte Sagrado
Elk Horn Lodge
Enchanted Circle Pottery
Energy Worldnet, Inc.
E Town Tours
Far Flung Adventures
FNB New Mexico/Angel Fire Branch
FNB New Mexico/Raton Branch
Flamingo Roads Shops & Storage
Friends of Eagle Nest Lake & Cimarron Canyon State Parks
GGH Wagon Mound, LLC
Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails
Golden Eagle RV Park & Campground
Hail’s Holy Smoked BarBQue & More
Holy Angel’s Catholic Church
Ice Cream & Candy Shoppe
International Bank
It’s All About Satellites
J. Binford Bell Studio & Gallery
Jeanette’s Food Cart
Jeanette Sanchez, Associate Broker ReMax Mountain Realty
John LeVeque
John R Sutton, General Building Contractor
Kathy Dunbar’s Body Mechanics
Kit Carson Electirc Cooperative
Kit Carson Energy
Kite Construction
Laguna Vista Lodge, Historic Restaurant & Saloon
Land & Home Services
La Sierra Planning Group
Legend’s Grill
Lisa Sutton Real Estate
Lowe’s Valley Market
Lost Eagle RV Park
Los Rios River Runners
Luna Community College/SBDC
Mammoth Mountain Construction Company
Mammoth Mill Company
Mattress Mary’s Mountain Lifestyle
MiKuna Grill
Monte Verde Realty
Monte Verde RV Park & Campground
MoonRE- Catherine Moon Realtor
Moore Excavation
Moore Homecare
Moreno Valley Community Church
Moreno Valley Health Care Clinic
Moreno Valley High School
Moreno Valley Ministerial Alliance
Moreno Valley Pest Control
Mountain Home Services
Mountain Sports of Angel Fire
Mountain Supply
Mountain Supply True Value
Music From Angel Fire
National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center in Angel Fire
New Mexico Mountain Properties
New Mexico River Adventures
North Country Outfitters
North Country Property Management
North Country Real Estate
North Eastern Construction
Northern New Mexico Gas Company
Pacheco’s Landscaping and Nursery
Par and Grill
Phil Long Ford of Raton
Piedra Lumbre Excavations
Pioneer Title/Law Office of Richard Norris
Pizza Stop
Red Cloud Ranch Retreat
Red River Ski and Summer Area
Red River Stables
ReMax Mountain Realty/Mike Woolley Qualifying Broker
Resort Properties of Angel Fire
Roadrunner Tours
Rogers Lanon, ReMax Mountain Realty
Rotary Club of Angel Fire
Samuels Construction
Sangre de Cristo Homebuilders Association
Shall We Dance
Shuter Library
Sierra Bonita Cabins & RV Park
Ski Tech
Slopeside Sports
Snowball Lodge
St. James Hotel, Restaurant & Bar
Southwestern Soaps
SS Rocks Y Mas
Subway Sandwich Shop
Taos Lifestyles
Taos Net, LLC
The Bakery & Cafe @ Angel Fire
The Bump Coffee
The Lift Coffee House
The Retreat at Angel Fire
The Taos News
The Trailhead Ski & Bike Shop/Enchanted Gifts
This Moment in Time Photography
United Church of Angel Fire
Vi’s New Mexican & Giant Burgers
Village Haus
Village of Angel Fire
Village Ski Shop & Rentals
Wanda Lucero/State Farm Insurance
Wende Woolley Photography
Wildflower Bed & Breakfast
Winter Sports
Zebs Restaurant & Bar

Dr. Robert Gordan
Ed & Ana McCracken
Chuck & Consuelo Howe
Barbara Jones
Henry & Kathy Mayes
Jo Mixon
Gordon & Debby Cox
Ciff & Lynne Teinert
Michael & Johnese Turri
Bob & Sandy Hestes
Ray Murray & Larry Lowry
Jacque Boyd
Bill & Lucy Humbert
Bill & Linda Hughes
Fred & Johnnie Diem